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In selecting a Johnson City vehicle and truck accident lawyer to handle a big tractor-trailer case, it is important to find an attorney with prior experience and success in dealing with trucking lawsuits. In Tennessee, our firm has a track record of obtaining numerous settlements and judgments in truck accident claims. Our Johnson City commercial vehicle and truck accident attorneys can assist you in getting a fair settlement or jury verdict.

The number of enormous semi trucks on the road is increasing, as interstate commerce develops rapidly. The operators of these massive vehicles are frequently overworked, overtired, and inadequately trained, operating vehicles that are 10-20 times larger than regular passenger cars. Other motorists may find themselves in unpleasant situations when sharing the roadway with these huge trucks.

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Truck Accident Statistics

3,864 people died in 2016 as a result of super trucks colliding with other vehicles or objects (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

In Tennessee, truck-related fatalities accounted for 9% of all deaths in vehicle accidents last year. 18% of Tennessee’s traffic fatalities have occurred in the first two months of 2018, as a result of tractor-trailer collisions.

The number of tractor-trailer trucks registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT) in the United States is just over three percent; nevertheless, 23% of fatal multi-vehicle accidents include tractor-trailers.

Trucks are far more dangerous than other vehicles in terms of traffic collisions. They are considerably bigger, more difficult to maintain, and host a slew of hazardous faults if anything goes wrong with their operation.

A full-loaded large commercial truck may weigh up to 80,000 pounds, whereas a typical passenger automobile is around 3,000 pounds.

One out of every five commercial trucks, such as 18-wheelers and buses, are taken off the road each year due to safety concerns, according to the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Over 325,000 truck driver infractions were identified in a 2015 research of roadside inspections; over 135,000 of them concerned hours-of-service breaches (when truck drivers exceed legal limits without logging proper rest).

What to Do If You’ve Been Injured in a Tennessee Truck Accident

In Tennessee, if you own or operate a vehicle in a fatal or severe traffic accident, or one in which property damage exceeds $1,500, you must notify the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security within 20 days.

Aside from this accident reporting requirement, there are a few things you should do following a truck accident to safeguard your rights and improve your chances of receiving proper compensation.

  • Get prompt medical attention: First responders to the accident scene can assist you in determining the severity of your injuries. If you suffer serious injuries, you may not be able to choose whether or when to go by ambulance to the emergency department. Accept any treatment that is offered to you. Even if you believe that immediate care isn’t necessary, see a doctor
  • Document the accident site: Take advantage of your ability to walk about and communicate with others after the impact to thoroughly document the situation. Obtain contact and insurance information from other parties involved in the incident. Inquire about witness accounts and their contact information. Photographs or video of your vehicle, as well as skid marks, signage, traffic signals,
  • Take pictures: Keep everything. It’s critical to document all medical treatment and automobile repairs as part of your claim. Take notes on every penny you spend, including accident-related travel, car rentals, over-the-counter drugs, and co-payments. Keep receipts, invoices, communications, and any other evidence in one location.
  • Avoid social media: This cannot be emphasized enough. While it may be enticing to upload accident photographs and updates, doing so might compromise your claim. Avoid social media until your truck accident case is settled.
  • Consult with a personal injury lawyer about your options: trucking accidents have particular elements that make it more likely that you’ll need legal aid. You may document everything you need to, but if you can’t establish liability, all of your efforts will go to waste. Consider how difficult it is for someone without experience to obtain truck records, for example.

The Most Common Truck Accident Causes

Truck accidents in Johnson City are serious, and often need a thorough investigation to determine the cause and identify those responsible. That is why having excellent Johnson City commercial vehicle or truck accident lawyers on your side is so important. There are numerous causes of major truck accidents, including:

  • Brain fog (which causes about 30% of large truck crashes each year, according to the National Transportation Safety Board)
  • Violations of the Speeding Law
  • Changing speed governors (devices that are used to restrict a vehicle’s speed)
  • A large load or shifting loads are a possibility.
  • Changing lanes in an unsafe manner
  • Serious accidents caused by alcohol or drugs
  • Equipment failure, such as a tire blowout or a brake issue, necessitate maintenance concerns and repairs.

Our Tennessee Truck Accident Attorneys Can Make a Difference for You

There is no substitute for experience. For years, CDR Law has represented accident victims in Tennessee and the surrounding region. We understand the state and federal rules that apply to trucking, as well as how to construct the best case possible for our clients by using tactics that trucking companies and their supporters utilize to evade responsibility.

We have a solid reputation. Tennessee truck accident lawyers have helped thousands of victims reclaim millions of dollars in damages. You can trust that you won’t be treated unfairly because to our committed and skilled team of professionals on your side. Our Tennessee law firm may also assist with personal injury claims, social security appeals, premises liability lawsuits, product liability claims, and other legal issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Who is liable at fault for a truck accident?

– How much insurance do I need to have as a driver?

– What should I do if my car was hit from behind by an 18 wheeler?

– Where can I find the bodily injury liability limits on my auto policy?

– What is personal injury protection coverage and why does it only cover drivers in Florida and New Jersey?

– Is there a limit to how much money will be given for personal injury per person or incident of injuries claimed under the uninsured motorist coverage on your policy?”

A truck accident lawyer helps victims of a truck accident to get compensation. He or she will look at the details of the case including the size and weight of the trucks, time of day, road conditions and weather. It’s important to get a lawyer because when you’re in an accident with a commercial vehicle, it can be hard for you to negotiate with insurance companies because they usually have very high limits.

After a truck accident, there are some important things that you can do to protect your rights. First, make sure that you get medical attention for any injuries that you have suffered. Then, contact an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases. The attorney will be able to help you file a claim for damages and will represent you in court if necessary.

There is no easy answer to this question as it depends on the specifics of each situation. Generally speaking, truck drivers are not liable for damage unless they were negligent in their duties. For example, if a truck driver was driving recklessly and caused an accident, they would likely be held liable.

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