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A drug possession TN charge is a very serious allegation that may result in jail time, fines, and a criminal record. If you’ve been charged with drug offenses, it’s critical to contact an attorney right away. CDR Law provides competent legal counsel for a wide range of illegal activities prosecuted in Johnson City Tennessee and other areas. The behavior might be defined as drug abuse or drug trafficking if you have been detained after possessing a controlled substance. If this is not the case, you would be labeled as a drug offender and may be eligible for a restricted sentence. The consequences of these two offenses are different, which is why obtaining expert legal advice if you want to minimize the ramifications of an arrest and conviction is critical. In general, drugs with controlled substances are classified into various categories. These include, but aren’t limited to: cocaine charges (coke), heroin charges (heroin), marijuana charges (weed), methamphetamine charges (meth), LSD and MDMA charges (mdma).

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What Are the Consequences of a Conviction in Tennessee for Drug Offenses? – What Are You Facing if You’re Convicted?

The legal category and penalties for drug possession in Johnson City Tennessee are determined on the type of drug you have been accused of possessing. Drug possession is a misdemeanor, however, if it concerns a personal use quantity of a substance listed as a schedule I or II controlled substance (described above) the offense can result in one year in jail and fines. Although this provision prohibits it, most drug possession charges will be classified as a felony, which may result in imprisonment from one to ten years and fines ranging per substance. When someone intends to sell or distribute drugs or a prescription medicine that is authorized by the law, he or she is guilty of possessing a controlled substance with the intent to deliver. The penalty for this crime is the same as that received for drug trafficking in Tennessee, with the exception of additional circumstances that might raise the charges to trafficking. The punishment under this clause is a sentence of 5-15 years imprisonment and fines between $25000 and $50000. Contact our drug possession attorney Johnson City TN today for more information on your criminal defense case!

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If you have been charged with a drug offense (possession) for either a personal use quantity or for smoking weed on private property in Johnson City TN (which is decriminalized), your charge will be reduced to misdemeanor status. Possession for personal use or internal possession such as keeping a small quantity of cocaine on your person is also included. Your sentence will not include any jail time and will be punishable only by fines because it is a misdemeanor drug abuse offense. However, this is contingent on the fact that you have never been arrested for drugs before. Tennessee law distinguishes felony and misdemeanor drug possession charges based on several criteria, including prior convictions. These might result in additional jail time rather than fines if you were sentenced to prison for another crime. These factors (but not limited to) include:

Your age – If the defendant at the time of your offense was 18 or older, you will receive a penalty three times greater than if you were 21 years old or more. Only narcotics possession charges that do not include delivery, intend to deal drugs, or evidence that you have committed another crime are covered by this rule.

Whether or not the defendant has a criminal record – If that is the case, imprisonment rather than fines may be ordered.

The type of drug(s) involved – Penalties are different for each sort of controlled substance, so having certain varieties of drugs may result in more serious consequences than if you had possessed other types. Even though marijuana (weed) is decriminalized in Johnson City TN, it can still carry greater penalties for its possession in many situations.

If you are charged by law enforcement with felony drug possession based on the amount of drugs involved, you face a longer prison sentence. The quantity at which it becomes a crime to intend to trade in drugs may result in a felony charge even if there is no evidence that you intended to distribute the sort of drug discovered on your person. Possessing large amounts, however, may only result in an offense under this clause. It all relies on the details and circumstances of your particular case. Possession with intent to deliver is a criminal charge that can be brought against you if you have any amount of cocaine or methamphetamine (crystal meth) in your system, according to federal law. In other words, if you are indicted for possession with intent to deliver, the drug crimes will be classified as such. This implies that you may face a sentence of 5 years up to 15 years in jail and fines totaling $25,000. However, there are a few things that may enhance the fine even more, such as delivering narcotics within 1,000 feet of an elementary school or any other primary or secondary educational facility where children congregate. If you were found in possession of 20 pounds or more marijuana (weed), it might be considered a felony crime in some circumstances (marijuana). CDR Law’s drug crime lawyers are here for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Tennessee’s drug possession law is relatively strict. A person can be charged with felony of possessing or intending to distribute heroin, methamphetamine, LSD, marijuana, prescription drugs, cocaine and other substances listed by the Board of Pharmacy.

It is always best to consult with an experienced criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible after being arrested. In Tennessee, a drug possession charge is any charge involving the use of any type of illegal drugs – from amphetamines to cocaine.

Typically, those who are caught with a small amount of either marijuana or a narcotic will face a misdemeanor offense. Those who have been charged with this crime may be eligible for diversion or expunction process and may not be required to plead guilty if they qualify for this procedure.
If you were denied these options and pled guilty by mistake, it is important that you seek legal counsel immediately so that there can be an appeal made on your behalf in court.

A person in Tennessee convicted of felony drug possession is usually sentenced to a prison term not to exceed 15 years and/or a fine up to $50,000.

The punishment for possession of drug paraphernalia in Tennessee is a misdemeanor, and the penalties vary according to the situation. However, in most cases, they range from $5 – $200 and up to 20 days in jail.

Drug paraphernalia can be any container though typically it includes items used for packaging drugs for sale or use such as vials, balloons or baggies intended to hold or store heroin; illicit powders; bongs; pipes; roach clips (crutches); metal spoons (or other metal spoon-like instrument) designed exclusively for cooking over an open flame such as with heroin.

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